Graduation Programs

S.No Code Program Name Fees
1 BA Bachelor of Arts 23100
2 BAECH BA Honours in Economics 26400
3 BAEGH (CBCS) BA Honours in English 26400
4 BAG Bachelor of arts 24900
5 BAHDH (CBCS) BA Honours in Hindi 29400
6 BAHIH (CBCS) BA Honours in History 26400
7 BAPAH (CBCS) BA Honours in Public Administration 26400
8 BAPCH (CBCS) BA Honours in Psychology 26400
9 BAPFHMH Bachelor of Performing Arts - Hindustani Music (Honours) 42600
10 BAPSH (CBCS) BA Honours in Political Science 26400
11 BASOH (CBCS) BA Honours in Sociology 26400
12 BAVTM BA Vocational Studies in Tourism Management 27000
13 BBARL BBA in Retailling 42000
14 BBASM BBA in Services Management 75000
15 BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications 51000
16 BCOMG Bachelor of Commerce(General) 24900
17 BCom Bachelor of Commerce 23100
18 BCom CARA BCom with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration 23100
19 BCom A&F Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance 23100
20 BCom F&CA BCom With Major in Financial and Cost Accounting 23100
21 BED Bachelor of Education 70000
22 BHM Bachelor of Hotel Management 1,20,000
23 BLIS Bachelor of Library and Information Science 22700
24 BSC Bachelor in Science 28500
25 BSCANH (CBCS) Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Anthropalogy) 33000
26 BSCBCH (CBCS) Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry 58500
27 BSCG(CBCS) Bachelor og Science(General) 29700
28 BSCNPB Post Basic Bachelor in Science Nursing 69000
29 BSW Bachelor of Social Work 23100
30 BSWG (CBCS) Bachelor of Social Work (General) 32400
31 BTS Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies 26400
DISCLAIMER: AIITM - All India Institute of Technology & Management Offers skill assessment and Job Oriented Programs, AIITM is a private institute run and managed by Society for Information & Technology of India registered by act of government. Programs by AIITM are not degree programs & not approved by UGC / AICTE / DEC. these are industry recognized certification and diploma courses that are absolutely useful for the working candidates to enhance their knowledge, skills & improve upon their CV. AIITM will not be responsible for any legal dispute in any case.