Bachelor of Business Administration
Graduation Program

Bachelor of Business Administration is its full name. After Class 12, one of the most popular and sought-after bachelor's degree programmes is the BBA. The BBA programme opens up a wide range of employment possibilities in a variety of industries, including government, education, sales, marketing, finance, and many more.

A three-year professional undergraduate programme in business management is known as the BBA. Students from the three streams of science, arts, and commerce are welcome to enrol in the course. In order to prepare students for managerial positions and entrepreneurship, the BBA programme offers information and training in management and leadership abilities. In India, there are roughly 4900 BBA institutions.

Students who are interested in a career in management might continue their studies by enrolling in the BBA programme.

Short Name of Program:  BBA

Full Name of Program:  Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Duration:  3 Year

Eligibility Criteria:  +2

Exam Mode:  Year

Full Program Fees:  144000

Available Medium :   English

Syllabus of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Code Sem / Year Subject/Book
BBA1 1 Year Principles of Management
BBA2 1 Year Business Economics
BBA3 1 Year Personnel Management and Industry Relations
BBA4 1 Year Business Laws
BBA5 1 Year Essentials of Marketing
BBA6 1 Year MIS and Systems Design
BBA7 1 Year Sales and Distribution Management
BBA8 1 Year Manufacture Planning and Control
BBA9 1 Year E-Commerce and Project Management
BBA10 1 Year Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation
BBA11 2 Year Business Mathematics and Statics
BBA12 2 Year Financial and Management Accounting
BBA13 2 Year Introduction to Psychology
BBA14 2 Year Micro Economics
BBA15 2 Year Corporate Strategic Management
BBA16 2 Year Understanding Industry and Markets
BBA17 2 Year Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing
BBA18 2 Year Export and Import Management
BBA19 2 Year Consumer Behaviour
BBA20 2 Year Marketing Management
BBA21 3 Year Introduction to Operations Research
BBA22 3 Year Production and Material Management
BBA23 3 Year Business Data Processing and Analytics
BBA24 3 Year Organisational Behaviour
BBA25 3 Year Human Resource Management
BBA26 3 Year Leadership and Ethics
BBA27 3 Year International Business Management
BBA28 3 Year Security Analysis
BBA29 3 Year Retail Management
BBA30 3 Year Computer Applications and PR Management
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